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Ace Of Pentacles

Ace Of Pentacles


The Aces meaning points to a new beginning and a fresh start. It tells the asker it’s time to take initiative and act. Life will also be busy and full of excitement!

This card represents new beginnings, like the other Aces as well. More specifically, you might be encouraged to start a new business project or anything else that may hold great value to you personally; something that will strengthen your self-esteem.

Often, when this card comes up in a Tarot reading, it can mean money is on the way! Anything from a gift, a raise, or even an engagement ring.

Personal note:

New beginnings are always exciting. I love diving into passion projects; anything that makes me feel good, for that matter!

I’m excited for the day I’ll be looking at this card and wondering if there will be proposal soon, because that would mean I’d actually be in a relationship. :D