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Ace Of Wands

Ace Of Wands


The meaning of the Wands mainly focuses on new beginnings; the asker needs to take initiative and act. It also signifies that life will be busy and full of excitement!

This card says it’s a great time to work vigorously toward your goals and take opportunities as they come. 

It can also mean you’ll receive a note or letter carrying an important message.

Given that this card is the symbol for new beginnings, keep it on hand as a good luck charm if you’re starting new work or a project that requires heightened attention and strength!

Personal note: I often get this card and read it as a pat on the shoulder. It's a sign that I’m doing a great job and should continue working hard because I’ll succeed in accomplishing my goals and fulfilling my dreams! It’s so validating to pull Ace of Wands when I’m in the early stages of a project. Just the right motivation I need to be positive I’ll succeed.