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Eight Of Cups

Eight Of Cups


Eight is the number of power, business, material success and earthly prosperity. It’s one of the strongest numbers and symbolizes renewal and change for the better.

Eight of Cups indicates that a relationship is about to change. It can be romantic, business-oriented or a friendship that has come to an end. The asker feels it’s time for change, even if it hurts someone he cares about. This card can also represent the end of a phase in the asker's life and the start of a new one; the end will be the new beginning!

Personal note: My interpretation of this card is to accept that whatever is coming my way is likely what's best for me. Staying in an unhappy relationship just to avoid hurting someone I care about doesn't do me any favors. Eight of Cups is a great card because it tells you to be true to what is right to you!