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Seven Of Cups

Seven Of Cups


Seven is the number for wisdom, spirituality, philosophy and psychic abilities. You can find seven in a lot of nature cycles and the cells in human bodies renew every 7th year. This is why seven can also represent that a cycle is going towards the end.

Seven of cups has a fantastic potential and suggest to great fantasy and significant creativity abilities. It shows that the asker will have unlimited options and choices. The asker must think carefully over the offers in front of him/her because not all of them are as bright as they may seem. Even some of the offers may be useless there is one that will give a wonderful opportunity – but which one?

Personal note: For me to have a lot of offers is great but the choosing part is not always easy. Therefor when I get this card I normally take time to follow my intuition and gut feeling before I settle for an offer/option/choice. For me to just simply guess or go blindfolded for a opportunity in life is unsettling because second guessing it can be the worst – so I make sure I know what feels right in my heart first!