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Seven Of Swords

Seven Of Swords


Seven is the number for wisdom, spirituality, philosophy and psychic abilities. You can find Seven in many nature cycles. The cells in human bodies renew every seventh year, which is why this card can also represent that a cycle is nearing its end.

Receiving this card means you’re carrying a heavy burden, but it’s actually just a shadow dragging alongside you. It’s time to let go of it because it has nothing to do with real life! Open your eyes and be honest with yourself; this will help you realize what’s really going on. It also tells you there’s a lot of positivity coming your way.

And watch out for sneaky behaviour! There’s a little hint that someone might be trying to cause problems behind your back.

Personal note:

When I get this card, I have to look at myself and ask if I’m being honest with my feelings. Am I making a bigger deal about something I can manage to let go of?

I want to make sure I’m not pretending in any way. Having a real relationship with me, myself and I will reflect on my relationships with others.