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Six Of Swords

Six Of Swords


Six is the number for balance, harmony and wellbeing at home.

This card has a few meanings. First, it can symbolize a trip you may need to go on alone, either for business or to leave someone you love. You’ll miss them during your stay, but remember you’re doing the right thing for your wellbeing.

The second meaning focuses on moving to a better place that feels more harmonic and comfortable.

Lastly: you’re escaping from a situation, but your past still follows you!

Personal note:

I can get this card when I’m about to travel overseas without my family. I always miss my boys so much, but know I have to go alone. I’ve also received this card before a move, but make sure to do my very best to stop past negativity from coming into my new life. I like to set aside time to reflect and let go of the old!