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Ten Of Wands

Ten Of Wands


Ten is the number of consummation. It represents completion; a period is over and what you’ve gained and learned during this time can be useful in the future.

This card suggests you’re carrying a heavy burden you’ve imposed on yourself, which you can let go of. It could simply be that you’re doing too much, causing significant stress. There’s no need to push yourself to live in service of your own high expectations! You’re more than enough just as you are.

It’s time to let go and understand how to be real with yourself. You’d like to experience more of the good things in life, such as being able to express yourself to the fullest, relax and celebrate!

Personal note: Just another reminder when I have a lot going on or if I’m placing too much focus on being the best all the time. I need to take a deep breath and just… be. It even reminds me to do more yoga and understand that I’m more than my accomplishments. Make plans for fun activities!