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Three Of Wands

Three Of Wands


The number three signifies creativity, enthusiasm, action, growth and expansion. The asker can now enjoy the fruits of his labour that went into his committed relationship or problems that were solved.

The meaning of this card has a lot to do with new possibilities and success! Be aware of your inner voice and inner peace, standing in stillness with yourself. This will help you succeed.

Three of Wands also tells the asker there’s movement. Things are moving forward, but there’s still work to be done. No time to rest!

Personal note: I love this card because I can’t stand to be at one place in my life for too long. I’m always wanting to expand and have a sense of movement. I’m also not scared to work hard for the things I want, and this card validates that desire for me. It’s exciting because when there’s movement, there are new and exciting things coming my way!