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Although tarot cards have been used for centuries, it’s nearly impossible to determine exactly how they came into existence. However, we do know for sure they were first used in Italy in the early 1400s; it’s been said that the cards had been beautifully painted by 15th century Italian painter Antonio Cicognara of the famous Colleoni family from Bergamo. From that moment on, tarot cards were developed. At the end of 1400s, the Marseille Tarot became popular and is still used to this day.

Fast-forward to 2019: In creating my own line of cards, I took into consideration the rich history of tarot. There are 78 cards in a classic deck; the Major Arcana has 22 cards, while the Minor Arcana has 56.

The Major Arcana tarot card illustrates the structure of human consciousness and holds the keys to life lessons passed down throughout the ages. Its imagery is commonly filled with wisdom from multiple cultures and esoteric traditions, including Egyptian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Hebrew and Christian religions.

When a tarot reading is predominantly made up of Major Arcana Tarot cards, the participant is experiencing a life-changing event, which will have long-term effects. There are important lessons they must pay attention to in order to progress further in their spiritual and personal quest.


The Soul Cards is truly a labor of love. We’d like to thank: 
  • Spiritual advisor Eva Ekelund for her guidance and contributions, including helping us craft our tarot descriptions.
  • Corina Nika for helping us bring our unique design to life.
  • Alessandra Salituri for the endless support growing The Soul Cards brand with such grace and insight. 
And thank YOU, our community, for purchasing and sharing these cards with the world. We couldn't have done it without you!