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After my parents’ divorce, my mother became more open with her spirituality. At the time, I was nine years old. I can vividly remember seeing her navy blue tarot cards for the first time, laid out on our living room table. I immediately had the urge to smell them. As a kid, you tend to do weird things, but the smell was so comforting and reminded me of a freshly printed book. I just loved it.

As I held the cards in my hands, I turned them over and placed them on the table to observe the images. Some were quite scary-looking, such as The Death and The Devil, while others were more joyful, like The Lovers and The Star. I probably asked my mother a million times what each card meant. She made her own personalized summaries for me, which I remember to this day.

Following her death in 2012, I wanted to create my own deck of tarot cards to show her my love and appreciation for introducing spirituality to my life.

So, Momma, these cards are for you!

Throughout my career as a psychic medium, I’ve never incorporated cards into readings; I typically use them for fun when my girlfriends are over, or every morning with my coffee. They’ve become part of my daily ritual which I’ve grown to love so much.  

Overall, the true beauty of tarot cards is that anyone can use them! You don’t need to be psychic or possess spiritual gifts. The cards will give you answers no matter what; answers that already lie in your subconscious.