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Soul Cards White Dahlia

Soul Cards White Dahlia

Limited-edition Box Collection 

To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Soul Cards Tarot, we are launching this exclusive limited-edition Soul Cards deck in white dahlia. Limited-edition of 2500. Available for a very limited time.


There are 78 cards in this classic custom tarot card deck; the Major Arcana has 22 cards, while the Minor Arcana has 56. 

Card descriptions available on our website.  


We ship worldwide.

Shipping rates:

$12 USD for all countries which includes tracking.

Soul Cards White Dahlia ships from the US.

Once your deck has shipped, you will receive a shipping notification. It will take 6-12 additional business days for delivery worldwide. Please be patient if you have not received your cards in that window of time;  customs in your country of residence impacts and delays the delivery time.