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Bye Bye 2020, It’s Been Real!

by Kristine Fredheim on December 22, 2020

The time has come to welcome a new year filled with positive energy and self-fulfillment. 


The holidays are just a few days away and it’s safe to say things are going to be very different this year. While the familiar energies of tradition and togetherness aren’t as present, the good news is that December 2020 signifies the end of an era. 

As we look toward 2021, the final days of this year will serve us a new energy of intimacy, which many of us have been longing for. To celebrate the holidays with restrictions means less rush and fewer expectations; exactly what we need to put things into perspective. There’s been a stillness throughout December, and my meditation shows it’s time to recover from the transformations we’ve all been through. The heavy energies are calming down, and with that, it’s important for us to do the same. 

We have experienced a deeper meaning of life, a deeper inner knowing of what is really important. This will start shaping our lives from here on out. The need for a quick energy fix through the material world no longer brings satisfaction, but rather, a memory of tradition. 

Not to dismiss that change can be tough and brutal... but this season, we must accept our elevated selves and be grateful for new experiences! With the new energies, finding acceptance is key for rest. They’ll follow us into 2021 and continue to bloom. If we reject this and hold onto the past, we won't be able to receive this fresh start as it is: a fresh start!

Now’s the time to ask yourself what you want to manifest in your life. I’m not talking Range Rovers and designer bags, but true fulfilment. So many of these Hollywood gurus are preaching how to manifest whatever you want, like wealth and material things...but for what? Now more than ever, it’s about real connection. We need to embrace our calling in order for our deep-rooted needs to be met; not cover them up with external material satisfaction. 

To help us prepare for the holidays and the new year, I put together a few tips to take to heart! 

  1. Make a To-Do list of everything you feel needs to be done for the holidays. And if you can, replace half of them with “call with my closest supporter and ask how I can support them.”  Coming together and having a balanced relationship is a must! 
  2. Let go of expectations when it comes to how things should be or have been. Ask yourself, Am I ready for a new beginning? What do I want it to look like? Will resistance help me serve my purpose?
  3. When you are feeling empty and/or lonely, curl up on a yoga mat or in bed. Hug your knees and squeeze while repeating the mantra I am always here with you. This helps support yourself and fill your own cup. 
  4. Rest and then rest some more! Resting can be found in many ways like disconnecting from your smartphone, taking a walk, making a nourishing dinner, meditation and breathwork. 

I hope this post will inspire you to surrender to the newness that’s coming our way, and acknowledge all transformations with love. It takes a lot to be human... in fact, it’s the hardest spiritual school there is! 

We may not always be happy, but we’re constantly evolving, expanding and learning. This, my friends, is our purpose as souls. 

Happy holidays!




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