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Kristine’s March Book Club Selection: “Burning Bright” by Kelsey J. Patel

by Kristine Fredheim on March 19, 2021

Our March book pick Burning Bright is filled with everything you need to live well - and the author knows her stuff! 

Kelsey J. Patel is a highly sought-after spiritual empowerment coach, Reiki healer, meditation and yoga teacher, EFT guide and speaker based in LA. I was lucky to connect with her through her podcast Magic Vibes and quickly learned her Reiki skills are unbelievable (as well as her kind smile!)

Reading through the pages of Burning Bright, the main emotion I felt was RELIEF. I’ve gone through countless spiritual books, and I must confess my frustration with the teachers that only touch on how to use energy to manifest wealth. Now, wealth is fine… in fact, it’s fantastic. But when that becomes the main focus in your life, you disconnect from the truth, which is soul expansion. And through expansion, transformation and growth, there's pain! 

If you avoid pain, there’s a possibility it will manifest in your body and in your relationships.  To heal, you must navigate through emotions (feel alllll the feels), be real with yourself and your needs. Most importantly, to surrender! 

On page 45, Kelsey writes about this sentiment: 

“People in recovery from addiction know that the first of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is to admit their powerlessness. This is also a form of surrender. Addiction is a symptom of anxiety. It’s an attempt to control the pain by covering it up. To surrender is to admit that you can't control pain and that you can't cover it up without repercussions. All you can do if you want the pain to pass is to feel it. Surrender to the feelings. You have them for a reason. They are a part of life. Let them rage through you, and then they will move on. They will release their hold on you.” 

My relief came from the honesty of this book. It gave me the tools I needed to move through anxiety, burnout and being generally overwhelmed. Kelsey goes deep and nothing is glazed over. 

I was also able to relate to her guidance with the lessons I’ve learned over the years working as a Psychic Medium. It was incredible to realize there are people out there like me - teachers that know what’s up and aren’t afraid to deliver! 

So, this book is truly for everyone. Enjoy the magic it brings to your life! 

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