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Scorpio Season: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

by Kristine Fredheim on November 27, 2023

It's officially Scorpio Season - let’s talk about energy and how we exchange it! 

For most of you empaths out there, being surrounded by a bunch of people can be very draining! There’s a much-needed recovery period after being social; as empaths, we pick up on energies and release them. Just think about how you feel after crying, laughing or even after journaling - there’s been a release! 

Sexual Energy & Scorpios

To kick off Scorpio season, I thought I’d dedicate this post to the effects of sexual energy exchange, which is always a hot topic. Get this: When we flirt, there’s normally a huge wave of energy being received and given by both parties. But when it comes to sex, we take turns being the receiver and the giver (if you know what I mean… wink wink!)

If we were to use porn as an example, you’re feeling the actor’s energy even though you don't know them or whether they have low or high vibrations! That means, from an energy standpoint, porn isn't super supportive. When we orgasm, it’s important that we’re at a super high vibration, meaning you can use your orgasms to manifest! So the next time you come, think about what you want to attract and bring into your life. That’s one of the reasons being with a partner you love is so important; if there’s a deep connection and intimacy when you climax, you’ll attract more of that goodness into your life! 

Safe Sex-ual Energy

Now, the intention of this post is to inspire a safe energy exchange. If your partner is anxious, or has shadow work they haven’t addressed, you’ll receive this in your energy field. There’s a bond, a connection of information that stays with you for a while after sex. This can make us feel intuitively connected with our partners as well. So if you’re dealing with burnout and depression, having multiple sexual partners will not support your recovery, as your energy will spread to many different people. There's a need for balance. 

I’m no saint, but based on my experiences, I highly recommend you honor your sexual energy and whom you share it with. Also check in with yourself to see if you’re in a good place to project your vibe. To sum this part up, one-night stands or sleeping with many different partners that you aren't energetically aligned with can cause you to feel exhausted and confused, since you don't profoundly know them or what they’re dealing with. The aftermath can leave you with new emotions that are misaligned with your authentic self! 

On another note, sex can have wonderful effects if love is present! It can literally break open your heart chakra! There’s no shame in having multiple partners, but the exchange should activate your heart. It all starts with choosing partners you feel good around. Partners who are responsible for their own energy! That way, sex can improve your life and your energetic health! There isn’t a more meaningful experience in life than exchanging love in ANY way, shape or form! 

How To Cleans Your Root Chakra After Sex 

Your root chakra is one of the seven etheric energy centres in the body going from the crown of your head ( crown chakra), to the root located at the base of the spine in the perineum. The root (muladhara) is the first chakra, and can be affected by negative sexual energies. Being out of alignment in the root chakra can cause physical and mental symptoms including:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Distractibility
  • Feeling stuck
  • Pain in the intestine
  • Constipation
  • Pain in the lower body

If you’ve been intimate with someone and feel a sense of heaviness, or are experiencing some of those symptoms, here are some tips on how to cleanse your root chakra: 

  1. Walk close to the water or go swimming in the ocean. Salt water energy is a natural cleanser!
  2. Visualize washing your partner's energy off your body. Do this while you shower - set your intention before stepping in, and ask the water/soap to cleanse any energy that doesn’t belong to you.
  3. Mantra: "I’m fully and only in my own high vibrational energy! Everything else will fall away from me now."

Happy Scorpio season and remember to honor your exchanges with love and care! 

Kristine Xx

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