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April Book Club Check-In: Vibrate Higher Daily

by Kristine Fredheim on April 15, 2021

I hope you guys are enjoying our April book pick so far! Vibrate Higher Daily is a fantastic read if you’re interested in learning what you can do to heighten your frequency.

The author, Lalah Delia, is a spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, wellness educator and more! Her work is right up our alley, and even though it’s an easy read, I find it to be valuable and full of inspiration. 

In this book, we get to learn about Lalah and her organized approach to elevating your vibration, which is divided into three segments: Self, Others and The World. Each chapter includes questions for you to reflect on and/or journal about, as well as clear bullet points! This book has everything you need to effectively improve your life. So if you’ve been wanting an upgrade, but aren’t sure how to do it, Vibrate Higher Daily is for you!

I especially loved the chapter Others on page 111, as Lalah writes about how the people we interact with impact us chemically. It was really inspiring to have a clear list of what to look for in a friend and what to avoid. This shaped my own actions and showed me how I can improve as a human being! 

To that end, the point that spoke to me most was: “The wrong people don't want to see you grow and rise above, and instead keep you stuck in a negative cycle with them.” 

Now, who has not experienced this? Maybe you’re guilty of acting this way? It’s a great reminder to let go of control and surrender to your own path to have a healthy life. 

After reading this book I made myself a list of actions to vibrate higher daily! Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to create your own micro changes. 

Morning: After breakfast and coffee, I practice gratitude by listening to high vibrational music and journal down everything that makes me feel warm in my heart chakra. I spend about 10 minutes longer if I’m feeling low.

Midday: Checking in with my breath. Am I breathing steadily and calmly? If needed, I spend 5 minutes practising breathwork. Inhale 4, hold 4 and exhale 4.  

Evening: Yoga! Mostly yin to relax and have a good calm stretch before bed. 




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