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Tarot Reading 101: The Soul Cards Guide for Beginners

by Kristine Fredheim on November 30, 2023

New to tarot? Feeling a little intimidated? We've got your back, angel!

Conducting a successful tarot card reading isn't as hard as you may think. In fact, it's a spiritually uplifting practice that anyone can do. It all comes down to centering yourself and following your intuition to open yourself up to receiving guidance from the Universe. 

Here are some simple tips to get started! You've got this. 

Step 1: Set the mood and calm your mind.

This is the most important step. To start, surround yourself with objects that bliss you out. We love crystals, candles, incense and sage. We also suggest  doing some breath work before the reading, which helps focus and balance the mind. Some people like to light a candle or use essential oils, whatever makes you feel good, and calm is perfect. We highly recommend journaling about your tarot readings. Keeping a record of your tarot journeys can help you follow your own personal path, and see returning themes, challenges, and even gifts more clearly. 

Step 2: Shuffle.

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Just be sure to shuffle your tarot cards really well. This can mean different things for different people. There is no right way to shuffle your deck from fancy riffles to simply placing them all face down and smoothing them around each other. Just make sure that throughout the process, you are reflecting on your intentions. Think about your question, or even just an area that you wish to send more thought to, and then let the good energy flow. 

Step 3: Spread out the cards. 

Find a table or any other surface to spread your cards. You can lay them however you wish, whether it's one row or many. You can even do a past/present/future reading by dividing the spread into 3 rows. Just go with what feels right! You can pull as few or as many cards as you like, and don't worry about placement. You can put them in a pattern, or not! We also have a description of our four favourite tarot spreads below, if you want something more structured.

Step 4: Express your intention, ask a question.

This is the stage where magic is about to happen! Close your eyes, set an intention and ask a clear-cut question you seek the answer to. For example: What is happening in my love life? How can I be more successful? How can I advance my career? What do I need to do to make the most out of this situation? Stay away from framing Yes or No questions if you can, as the cards are there to help guide you as you process and search, not give definitive answers.

Step 5: Pull a tarot card.

Hover your hands over the cards. Choose one (or many) that catches your eye or feels right in your hand. This is where you'll want to harness all of that spiritually-charged energy from your pre-reading prep, when you focused on centering your mind and connecting to spirit.

Step 6: Learn what your cards mean.

There's so much to know about tarot meanings, so we've put together an extensive Soul Cards guide, which you can access here! Once you understand what each cards signifies, reflect on your initial intentions and take the guidance you've just received to heart. Keep journaling to see how everything unfolds. 

Our Four Favourite Tarot Card Spreads

The Daily Pull

This is our all time favourite. We like to meditate early in the morning, and sent an intention for the day by pulling a single card out of the deck. Ask for guidance from your angels or inner self, or spirit. Take a moment to reflect on the message, and then take that message through your day!

Three card: Past, Present, Future

Set a clear question, or intention or theme. Shuffle the deck while doing this. Then when you feel it's right, pull the three cards: Past Present & Future. This reading gives you a quick overview of what you need to know/remember on a given question, topic or path.

The Relationship Spread

This reading is perfect when you need more thorough guidance on any kind of relationship. It's important to remember that "the outcome" is not a finite thing. You can change outcomes by finding a different path on a different day. Tarot is always about guidance not about fate-set-in-stone.

  1. This represents you
  2. The other person in the relationship 
  3. The relationship itself
  4. Strengths of this relationship
  5. The challenges
  6. What to focus on to improve/ unblock/ strengthen 
  7. The outcome 

The Classic - Celtic Cross

No one really knows the origins of this classic tarot spread, but it was first mentioned by A.E. Waite in 1910 (although around for much longer!) This spread can be used for any question from career path, to love, to simply trying to understand your deeper self.

  1. Your current situation, or the basis for your question
  2. Laid across #1: Obstacles, challenges, or energy that is blocking the path
  3. Placed above the cross: The outward influences affecting the question
  4. Placed below the cross: The internal/spiritual or psychological influences
  5. Placed behind: Past influences or feelings 
  6. Placed in front: Near future influences or direction
    Seven Through Ten are placed in a line from bottom to top on the right side of the cross:
  7. How you feel about the topic
  8. Environmental attitudes about it, ie: what others think around you, or the energy your environment is sending your way
  9. Your hopes or fears about it
  10. The likely outcome

Remember no outcomes are ever set in stone. Tarot cards are here to help guide you to the best path, not punish you. There is never a wrong way to read or understand tarot. Enjoy and have fun discovering your inner spiritual strength and clarity!

Any questions? Email us here! Sending good vibrations your way.

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