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Examples on How to Use Tarot to Answer Your Questions!

by Kristine Fredheim on February 08, 2024

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, and we still can't pinpoint exactly where or how long they have actually been around. You may have seen tarot cards used on TV as witches' tools to predict the future. But what exactly do tarot cards do? 

The truth is, tarot cards can be an accurate tool to predict what you need to know about a situation, your future, love… basically anything!

Each of the 78 cards hold meanings, such as numbers, astrological interpretations and even energy based on the characters of the cards; not to mention, each card also has a Yes or No meaning attached to it. 

The clearer answers you want, the clearer your questions need to be. 

Let me give you some examples of common questions, examples of cards and how to read them based on tarot sessions I’ve had with clients. I also love to have fun and to lean into my intuition when reading cards… and so should you! I really enjoy shuffling the cards and picking out the ones that fly out, which I call “flyers”, to answer the questions. 

Common Questions For Tarot Cards & How To Interpret them

  • What's next for me in my life?

The Wheel of Fortune.

I would interpret this to be an upgrade in all areas of your life; the start of a new cycle with new chapters. Be ready for elevation! 

  • How does he feel about me? 

The Star. 

He has renewed hope and feels like a dream come true when it comes to your relationship. He is ready to leave all baggage behind and start anew with you. 

  • Should I quit my job? 

Ace of Cups. 


  • Will I have another baby? 

Queen of Cups

Yes, yes, yes. 

  • How can I support my health?


Keep life balanced! It’s the perfect time to take a look at areas in your life that have been out of balance to deal with now. If you have been resting a lot, perhaps take some time to move your body. Too much of a good thing is never good. 

  • General reading around career.

Ten of Cups and Knight of Pentacles combined. 

Dedication and fulfillment!  

What do I need to heal to be able to move forward? 


This could simply mean that you need to know the truth, so it can be processed. 

What personality traits will my new partner have? 

Queen of Pentacles. 

Capricorn energy, down to earth, responsible for many roles and cares for family. Also worldly, generous, hard-working and practical! 

You can always dive deeper into what you want and need because each card carries so much information! But I love to keep it simple and straightforward. 

I hope these insights support your journey towards connecting with your deck! You can also read more tarot tips here. 


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