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Connecting With Spirit Guides: Kristine's "Soul Connection" Session

by Kristine Fredheim on July 10, 2021

Our own Kristine Fredheim is officially part of acclaimed spiritual advisor Kelsey Patel’s Super Healer collective! Bookings are now open - the first 10 people to reserve will receive a FREE Meditation Journal.

Here's the 411 on Kristine's "The Soul Connection" session.

As a psychic medium, Kristine taps into messages she receives from the spiritual realm. By communicating with spirit guides and loved ones who’ve passed, she helps clients find healing and closure after loss, and support after major life transitions or traumas. She provides thoughtful guidance on how to navigate through life and achieve fulfillment. Kristine also provides insight and feedback that will empower you in all your areas, from career and relationships to personal wellbeing. The messages she receives often bring clients a sense of peace, relief, love and insight. The reading, which is always conducted with great sensitivity, will provide sacred guidance along your path towards a fully expressed and happy life.



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