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Every Medium Needs A Medium

by Kristine Fredheim on April 02, 2021

When I decided I was going to take the leap and create a line of tarot decks in memory of my mom (who lovingly introduced me to spirituality), I was unaware of how insane the journey would be. I figured it would all be so simple. Although I knew very little about tarot aside from what my mom taught me in her own words, I thought, I’ll design the cards, print up a batch and sell them over the next few years. 

When the time came to launch Soul Cards, I was in shock - everything sold out in 30 minutes! But with that success came stress. Printing mistakes, delays, angry customers, PayPal reports… I probably aged about 10 years in the process. It was a major learning curve, which was especially rough because I was dealing with disaster in my personal life. 

During this time, I had to lean on my support system more than ever. As a medium, what makes me feel better is asking for spiritual guidance. Most importantly, I want to make this very clear: every medium needs a medium because it’s really hard to trust the messages coming through about yourself. I’m sure you guys can relate when you get intuitive hits! 

To be able to successfully pull off this project while maintaining my sanity, there were weekly calls (sometimes daily!) to my medium, Eva. She’s also an advisor and tarot expert. You may recognize her from my social media pages, and her name is on the first edition of Soul Cards boxes! 

Eva addressed all of my needs, guiding me through the challenges and emotions of starting a business. She also expanded my knowledge of tarot, since what my Moma taught me wasn’t “by the book”! I learned how to properly lay the cards, their traditional meanings and symbols. This was by far the most transformative time of my life. Coming out of it, nothing feels impossible anymore.

Eva also knew my mother, which made this process even more personal and aligned with my vision. It’s so important that my team and the people I surround myself with have open hearts, want to see me succeed, and aren’t afraid of hard work. The high vibrational energy of women motivates me so much. 

Due to Eva’s continual support, I’ve been able to harness my own strength over and over again, and pay it forward. Today, I’m helping other small businesses bloom, supporting others by using my spiritual gifts, and coaching them through challenges. I hope this post inspires you to uplift your local girl gang and inspire them to thrive. Abundance really streams into all of your areas when you move with loving intentions.

Cheers to Eva for being such a foundation to Soul Cards




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