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Spring Awakening: The March Equinox

by Kristine Fredheim on March 15, 2021

Here’s some good news we can all use: the March Equinox (a.k.a. the first day of spring) is coming up! March 20th is definitely a date you’ll want to mark down in your calendars. Springtime brings such a fresh new elevated energy! It’s also a wonderful reward after the heaviness of 2020

During my readings, my spirit guides tell me the importance of evaluating everything from a broader perspective. Why? Well, the tidal wave that was 2020 actually started in 2016, and has built up over the years to eventually manifest as spirits. This transformative energy has been global; not only are humans ending Karmic cycles, but also, countries. Take the US for example. They ended a huge Karmic circle last winter, which brought all the chaos to the surface. 

The new Karmic energies at play in the US are all about that Kamala Harris hustle! Clean up, justice, truth-seeking, power, and a “take no bullshit” kinda vibe. If you’re American, you can cultivate this energy into your life, as it’ll be rippling across the country for at least 4-5 years. I’d like to predict that Kamala will continue leading in many ways…even as president! 

Overall, the transformation we’ve been through has led me to this revelation: the more you work on releasing old shadows and negativity that have spanned generations, the more this powerful new energy will hit your life - especially for all my creative people! This means rebirth, a spiritual awakening and full self-expression. Be ready for some yummy magic! 

Here are a few tips to help elevate your life to match this wonderful Spring Awakening:

      Eat high vibrational foods such as organic greens.
And try to avoid dairy as it’s very low frequency. It can create imbalance in the body.
      Ground yourself in nature.
Direct contact for a minimum of 10 minutes works best! Read more about my experience connecting with nature here
      Clean your space!
It’s the perfect time to invest time doing a proper spring cleaning. All that no longer aligns with you must go. After cleaning, remember to open the windows for at least 20 minutes to invite fresh air into your space. 
      Journal, journal, journal!
Write down your dreams, intuitive hits, thoughts and ideas. This releases energy, diminishes anxiety and overstimulation in the body. 



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    by Paige on March 16, 2021

    This is exactly what I needed to read today, as I’ve been feeling emotionally drained and fragile. I love that you provide concrete instructions— “10 minutes” and so on. I can do these things. I’ve got this. Thank you!


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