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What 2020 Has Taught Us About Karma

by Kristine Fredheim on November 12, 2020


It's no secret that 2020 has been rough for most of us and our beautiful planet. As a medium, I receive downloads of messages about our current state. With that, I’d like to share my insights about the energies we’ve been dealing with this year specifically, karma. 

The energy of 2020 has a purpose: it’s about clearing our shadows and paving the way to live out our karmas. Not to mention, countries also have karma and cycles that will manifest.

But first, allow me to explain the meaning of karma. 

Karma means action. Many people think it’s based on the sentiment that if I do good in the world, it’ll come back to me. Though, it’s important to know that if you don't do good and don’t have the right intentions, that negative source of action is what will come back to you. Karma is way bigger than we can ever imagine, kind of like the universe. Every thought and every action is connected to movement. If you want positive energy to come your way, make sure you feel your best and give with the purest of heart. It’s all about intentions, the seed, the vibration of giving and moving. 

Now back to 2020. There has been a certain energy surfing around the world. It’s still here, but not as strong. It carries the purpose of transformation and clearing out everything that doesn't align with us anymore. It’s also an unpredictable time, a feeling that anything can happen. This transformation usually feels like shit, and carrying on might seem like the most impossible task. Although this energy might be intense, it isn't meant to stay forever; more importantly, it's here to prepare us for what’s next. We are, countries and all, levelling up! 

Let’s take a quick look at the US, a perfect example. Trump, regardless of his wrongdoings, did exactly what he was born to do. He revealed all the shadows lingering in the darkness for the public to see clearly, and unite to clean up! America now faces a long road of rebuilding but the problem is out there, and a shift is taking place with the power of the people coming together! A major part of this is the pursuit of justice; fighting for what’s right is the country’s main purpose. While this energy is present, it’s a great time to show up and stand up, even for yourself. 

Things can definitely feel overwhelming. We’re growing and evolving as spirits here in the school of life, but we’re also part of a new beginning, which is right around the corner. We need to be ready for this shift and our energy must be aligned for the new wave to live out its purpose in our lives. We’re becoming stronger, more aware, and many of us have experienced a spiritual awakening in 2020. You can support yourself by journaling intuitive hints and feelings, take time to do yoga, meditate and spend time outdoors for grounding. If there’s anything you want to change in your life, now is the time to let go to make space for the new! 

I hope this information will help you see the end of this incredibly powerful year. Remember to give gratitude to yourself for all the hard work! 



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