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Soul Cards Holiday Gift Guide for Spiritualistas

by Kristine Fredheim on November 23, 2020

We're of the school of thought that believes in gifting from the heart. With that in mind, we've put together a Soul Cards holiday gift guide for the spiritualist in your life! Whether it be material items or words of affirmation, expressing gratitude for loved ones in any way is truly priceless; intention speaks volumes. 

And now, here are a few of our favourite things! 


Soul Cards Tarot Decks

A signature Soul Cards deck is always a holiday hit! Our founder Kristine specifically designed luxurious cards to elevate the tarot experience; they are crafted with detailed gold foiling, gorgeous floral prints and a velvety smooth finish. Available in Midnight Black, Pink Blush and White Dahlia, a Soul Cards deck always makes for a meaningful gift your recipient can use to connect within. 



Intimate Psychic Medium Reading

This is an incredibly unique gift: a one-on-one session with Kristine, a seasoned psychic medium. During this intimate reading, she communicates with spirit guides and loved ones who've passed on. She also provides thoughtful guidance on how to navigate through life and achieve fulfillment. Her insights empower you in all your areas, from career and relationships to personal wellbeing; this is truly a thoughtful way to usher in a New Year. 



Gift Card

The perfect option for those friends and family members who are notoriously tough to shop for! Soul Cards digital gift cards range from $50 to $500, and may be applied site-wide. They can also be used towards a psychic medium reading with Kristine. What's more, the beautiful floral design mimics our tarot cards, and will surely captivate your recipient. 



Letter of Gratitude

This year, many are opting for homemade gifts. We believe a letter of gratitude goes a long way. We suggest taking a moment to meditate on your intentions and feelings about the person you're writing to. Let all the feels flow. Making someone feel good and deeply appreciated is one of the greatest gifts of all. 

 Happy holidays, loves! 


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