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Palm Reading: The Heart Line As A Meter of Love

by Kristine Fredheim on May 12, 2021

By Miriam Weber, Sister Palm

Evaluating physical characteristics for information about oneself is no new phenomenon. In fact, humanity has been analyzing the hands as long as we’ve been analyzing the rest of the body, spanning back to the dawn of time in every civilization across the globe! 

While psychic aptitude is truly a gift, there is also a great amount of information to be gained by a person who is simply willing to look closely. Even the novice can gain substantial information with only a careful observation of the palm of the hand and no other known psychic gift. 

Love & The Heart Line: Electrical Current of the Heart Organ/Energetic Field

There are many places on the hand one may read to assess the person’s ability to create & experience love. The Heart Line is one of the most telling rivers of electrical current to observe in the hand, for it shows the faculty and function of the Heart organ, as well as one’s experience of the concept of Love in this lifetime.

I’ve outlined a general meaning of the three most common types of Heart Lines below.

1) A person with a Heart Line rising in-between the pointer and middle fingers shows a person who loves to be in a relationship.

These are the people who do best when they have the companionship a partnership provides, and they tend to stay in consecutive monogamous relationships throughout life. People who have these long Heart Lines tend to not need sex as much in their romantic relationships, and they tend to couple-off early in life. A Heart Line like this is said to show a person is reasonable and balanced in love, perhaps another reason why they are so frequently  found already in relationships!

2) A person with a Heart Line that seems to start under the middle finger belongs to a person on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

One who would rather have a relationship with themselves, for they are people who don’t need companionship in life to be happy. Coincidentally, the expression of physical love through the act of sex is going to be more important to these types of people when they get in a relationship. They enjoy spending time by themselves and are most likely to go through life unmarried. 

3) A person with a Heart Line ending anywhere in the domain of the Jupiter mount.

This is the area located under the pointer finger and signifies someone with an abundance of energy running through the heart channel. Any branch or line coming from the Heart Line and ending under the pointer finger shows a person who may have a hard time setting boundaries with others. This abundance of love means they may give too much of themselves in relationships, creating disappointment when expectations are left unmet. Frequently, these people make for good professional counsellors because they are incredibly empathetic and have a genuine concern for people.

While there are a multitude of different placements of the Heart Line to consider, I have found the above three to be the most common. Please bear in mind there are many other factors that modify a person’s Heart Line. This article is meant to generalize the most common Heart Lines, and are not intended to be taken as an exact definition; there are many other factors at play, which may modify the meaning for the individual person. There are different ways to assess one’s character. The hands hold a wealth of information. For more information on Palmistry, check out  


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