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June Book Pick: “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton

by Kristine Fredheim on June 01, 2021

Now, if you’re wondering which spiritual books are worth the read, look no further! “Journey of Souls” is what I call the spiritual bible! It encompasses everything you need to know about the journey of our souls.

It was really life-changing to learn about death on a deeper level; what comes after, and our purpose here on Earth. Michael Newton’s perspective removes a lot of anxiety surrounding death. In fact, it made my own path light up clearer, and I gained an understanding that soul growth is what life on Earth is all about. This book helped me move through pain, knowing the outcome was unimportant - it’s all about the lessons we learn along the way! 

I highly recommend “Journey of Souls” to EVERYBODY, but especially if you want to learn how to recognize souls from your soul group and get past fearing death. This book puts our “logical” mind in the back seat, letting spirituality take the wheel. 

Journey of Souls” also taps into many concepts we wonder about, such as “what happens to disturbed souls?” or “different levels of souls: beginning, intermediate and advanced.” But my favorite part is all about “when and where you learn to recognize soulmates on earth” because despite everything you’ve heard, I’m a super duper romantic! ;)

I invite you to get to know the 29 people featured in this book, who have been placed in a “superconscious” state and read their hidden memories from the afterlife! You’ll want to read this over and over again. 

And stay tuned for a live chat with my soul sister Eleni this month to talk about our favorite book! In her words, “This book was profound for me, as it led the way to everything that I now know about spirituality.” 

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