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Soul Cards Essentials for Deep Introspection

by Kristine Fredheim on October 15, 2021

More often than not, the hustle and bustle of daily life can get in the way of the most important thing: taking the time to check in with yourself! Consider this blog post an invitation to dive into some deep personal introspection.

At Soul Cards, our greatest goal is to help you do this with thoughtfully crafted items. It's all about elevating your rituals to live your best, most full life. ⁣Here are three essentials from our collection that will inspire you to look within, break through blockages and move forward with a clear mindset. 

The Kaia Reversible Robe

There's nothing like slipping into something comfortable after a long, stressful day. Clothing can make such a positive impact on your mood, leaving you feeling more relaxed. That's the intention of the Kaia reversible robe! It's made with buttery soft satin and has two sides: one is minimalist black, while the other is adorned with Kefalonia roses. In case you didn't notice... it matches our Midnight Black tarot deck! 

Shop the Kaia robe here

Soul Cards Tarot Deck

Tarot cards play a huge role in self-reflection. Each symbol can tell you so much about your emotions, state of mind, where you're headed in life, and beyond. Whether you're an established tarot reader or a newbie, our decks were created for everyone. (Pssst: if you're just getting started, take a look at our tarot 101 post for some great tips!)

Shop Soul Cards decks in pink, black, green and white here

The Tarot Journal

This is the perfect accompaniment to your tarot deck! It's one thing to do a card pull, but to journal about it allows you to track your progress - especially if you're on a journey to reflect on your life and connect with yourself on a deeper level. Our founder, psychic medium Kristine Fredheim, created special prompts so you can write out your intentions, card pulls and thoughts. 

Shop the Tarot Journal here


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