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What's the Deal With Déjà Vu?

by Kristine Fredheim on December 09, 2020

Have you ever been hit with a strong feeling that you’re living through something you’ve already experienced, whether it be an emotion, place or situation? And although you may have some form of memory, you can’t quite recall how or when this moment occurred? Well, that's the magic of "Déjà Vu"! 

In French, it means “already seen”, which I believe is the most accurate way of describing this phenomenon. 

Scientists have tried to make sense of Déjà Vu for decades, and have come to a few conclusions. It could possibly be that one eye is picking up information faster than the other, or the brain has a similar memory, but can't grasp it – so it links to the present moment. 

I, of course, am more drawn to the spiritual side of things. Today, I'd like to share why experiencing Déjà Vu is an extremely positive occurrence!  

Before we’re born, we significantly prepare for the life we've chosen to take on. We practice and study with our soul group, but what I find really interesting is that we also need a big load of encouragement to start a physical life here on Earth. It’s extremely hard to be human, what with our egos, physical and mental pain – and not to mention, our spirits. It’s a trying experience, but we have the chance to grow at great speed. 

One of the things we do prior to birth is look at our life through a screen highlighting important timelines and milestones. When we’re on Earth, this memory  which we’ve already pre-planned – comes to our knowledge and tells us we’re following our soul's plan! It’s a great indicator that you’re in the right place at the right time. So whenever you feel Déjà Vu, it’s a nice pat on the back! 

There are also many cases where people have had near-death experiences, and can confirm they've seen their entire lifetime flash before their eyes. I’m sure you're familiar with this saying. To that end, our lifetimes are definitely being viewed, both before and after, to foster growth. We examine each lifetime very carefully, especially in spirit. But I know on my end, I'll never re-open the chapter called Kristine Fredheim, Earth year 2020. I’ll forcefully shut it down forever and ever! (Hehehe...)

All in all, continue to follow your callings, your intuition and your heart's desires. You’ll see that Déjà Vu’s keep on coming to assure you on your path! 

Kristine xx


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